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About Panache

When asked to write a few lines 'About Panache' as a very satisfied client, I was only too happy to oblige. We first used Panache as a Duo, for a little soiree, at our country residence in Hamshire. We expected the 'norm' for these occasions, a little caribbean music wafting around in the background..........But...... what we got was Panache. Here were these two guys playing and singing up a storm, and turning our little event into one of the most memorable, and enjoyable evenings passed that Easter. So as not to mislead you, I must point out that they did'nt play loudly or lots of raucous music, on the contrary the variety of music they provided, was astounding. When they played and sang soft latin and jazz you were just mesmerised with what they played on their Steeldrums, and when the switched to the reggae calypso and other up tempo stuff, well that was it, everybody wa on the floor. We found them both to be wonderful and colourful characters, and all their breaks were taken up by the attentionsof our guests. (They've had quite a life) We of course then had to have them for our daughters 21st, where we booked them as a quartet.....and....oh boy..... they were simply out of this world. Finally, Panache are like a fine champagne, it taste so good you simply have to have it,whatever the cost, and Panache, well they're in a class of their own. Mrs. Mary Tomlinson.-------------Client


Panache is available for in several formats', from Solo - Sextet. We are in fact a band formed from a selection of great performers and entertainers, all who play Steeldrums and other conventional instruments. All of our members sing, which allows for a lot of variety in the songs we are able to perform. We do some times include guitars or piano/keyboards to offer a wider range of music, but the Steeldrum is always featured.Panache is led by Kirk Thorne who also manages the band, and to whom you should direct all questions and enquiries. We are LONDON UK based but will play in most countries.We pride our selves on being one of the most entertaining bands in the 'World' and certainly the most versatile Steel Band performing today. We have been known to cover almost every style of music, but did fall short of a request for 'Bohemian Raphsody'.This band of musicians have been together for quite some time, and though the pool of musicians numbers 6 we only select from these 6. When you book Panache you will only get Panache, we do not substitute our members.If you want something really special for your event, and are prepared to pay for it, then use 'PANACHE' we really are..... A Class above the rest. Kirk Thorne ----------- for PANACHE

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Panache - "A class above the rest"